Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Featured Cat: Meet Jellybean!

Our little miss Jelly Bean, found in the bushes by the shelter owner's dog, Ty, is all ready for her forever home! This little girl is a real charmer. She lets me know when she wants something! Jelly Bean is about 10 weeks old, and full of energy. She entertains herself very well in her luxury "apartment" - and is also very well behaved when she gets to go to the playroom with some of the other cats. 

Click here to see a recent video of Jellybean playing :)

Wouldn't you love to give this miracle kitty a loving, indoor, forever home? 

If interested in adopting Jellybean, please fill out an adoption application form or 
call/ e-mail RaeAnna at the shelter!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Meet George

A sweeter and gentler cat you will not find. George was left in a box on the steps of The Little Cats' Rescue along with his sister, who was adopted.  When George wants attention, he quietly sits in front of you, waiting for you to notice him.  When you do, a love session ensues!  George recently lost his best friend, Curry, to cancer.  They were inseparable, and he's been very sad since.  Although George has been with TLCR since 2007, perhaps his forever family is now ready for him.  George gets along with all the cats and our 65 lb. dog.  He is an "abby/tabby" - an Abyssinian/Tabby breed.  George is a very healthy 8 year old neutered male.